Special Post: NYPD Brian Moore’s Funeral

by John Delach

Congressman Pete King’s Reflections on NYPD Officer Brian Moore’s Funeral

All along the roads of Seaford and Massapequa leading to St James Catholic Church there were bright blue ribbons adorning light posts, telephone poles, garden gates and the front doors of neatly maintained homes. Approaching the church for Brian Moore’s funeral mass, traffic was backed up endlessly. Cars were parked miles away. Police buses filled with cops parked in parking lots of friendly local businesses. On the sidewalks people held hand drawn signs and well painted posters honoring Brian Moore. Streets for block after block around were overflowing with cops from across America and Canada.

Waiting outside the church for the hearse to arrive, I spoke to Commissioner Bill Bratton who has had to speak at too many cops’ funerals and Deputy Commissioner Larry Byrne whose brother NYPD Officer Eddie Byrne was assassinated 26 years ago. In a cruel irony Brian Moore grew up and lived on the same block in Massapequa as Larry and Eddie Byrne.

The hearse’s arrival was preceded by more than 100 motorcycles and the muffled drums of the NYPD Pipe Band. The flag draped coffin was lifted from the hearse by the NYPD Honor Guard and carried up the church steps followed by grief stricken family
members led by Brian’s father, mother and sister.

The church was crammed tight with cops. Seated next to me were the officers from Brian’s 105 Precinct, their strong faces contorted in sorrow. NYPD Chaplain Msgr Romano celebrated the mass and delivered a poignant eulogy, as did Mayor Diblasio who on this day connected with the men and women in Blue. Bill Bratton was extraordinary. His voice cracking with emotion, the Commissioner hailed the dedication of this young hero cop who had more than 150 arrests and was part of the elite anti-crime unit before he was 25. Bill Bratton concluded by promoting Brian Moore posthumously to the rank of Detective First Grade and all in the Church rose as one in a loud, prolonged ovation.

The funeral mass over, the coffin was carried from the church. The family stood sobbing on the steps. The bugler played taps. And the Pipe Band rendered the stirring strains of America the Beautiful. Nine helicopters flew overhead in final tribute and salute. The band marched slowly forward, its muffled drums echoing solemnly through the church yard as the hearse carrying Brian Moore began its journey to his final resting place.

Det First Grade Brian Moore R.I.P.